by Bidita Debnath on  November 24, 2015 at 1:53 AM Indian Health News
 Narendra Modi Committed to Eradicate Poverty In India
Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that he is committed to eradicating poverty and give the people the fruits of a modern economy, highlighting the initiatives taken by his government for the betterment of the nation.

Addressing the Indian community, Prime Minister Modi said his government has given the people of India universal access to banks and insurance without tying them down in endless programs.

"Where in the world will 190 million bank accounts be opened in a few months? We are empowering them with skills and education. We are creating an environment in which enterprise flourishes and the people have opportunities to raise their income levels," he said.

"We are creating infrastructure that gives the people their basic needs of roof, water, sanitation, electricity, schools, and medical help within the reach and means," he added. Prime Minister Modi also highlighted the programs undertaken by his government to facilitate business.

"We are creating a national digital infrastructure that allows ideas, information, communication, business and innovation to flow freely on the cyber space. We are making our railways the engine of a new economic revolution in the country. And, we are turning our ports and airports into gateways to prosperity," he said.

"We have pledged to make our cities clean and healthy; restore our rivers; and transform our villages. And, we will preserve the treasures of nature for the tourists to enjoy and our future generations to see," he added. The Prime Minister also said that this is not an easy job to accomplish as it included 1.25 million people, more than 500 major cities and six hundred thousand villages.

Source: ANI

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