by Rukmani Krishna on  November 4, 2013 at 11:53 PM Lifestyle News
 Must Have Gadgets Of The Season For Men
Without their gadgets, men seem lost, so here is a list of the latest electrical devices men cannot live without.

Experts have compiled a definitive list of male gizmo must-haves which has trusty bottle opener and penknife at the top, followed by Nintendo Wii and the laptop, the Daily Express reported.

The survey has revealed that younger men are dependent on iPods, smartphones and Nintendo Wii games consoles and those over 20 become reliant on a gaming chair to fight zombies, with hair clippers and mini fridge the new essentials.

According to the poll conducted on 4,000 viewers, the 30-plus set cannot cope without power tools, head torches and satellite-navigation systems while those over 40 favor grooming and comfort gadgets.

The list prepared for the Gadget Show's annual festive event showed that those who had reached 50 chose garden tools, eReaders along with heated loo seat and nose trimmer gadgets.

Source: ANI

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