Metformin can Inhibit Multi-drug Resistance in Breast Cancer Patients

by Rishika Gupta on Dec 8 2017 11:30 AM

 Metformin can Inhibit Multi-drug Resistance in Breast Cancer Patients
Metformin, a typical type 2 diabetes drug can now both inhibit and reverse Multi-Drug Resistance (MDR)in breast cancer cell lines. The findings of this study as discussed by Terra Arnason are published in PLOS ONE journal.
Previous //studies have shown that metformin has some anti-proliferative activity against multiple types of cancer cells. Moreover, clinical meta-analysis studies on cancer patients who already take metformin to treat diabetes have hinted that the drug may boost their survival and prevent the emergence of new tumors.

Arnason and colleagues probed the effect of metformin on the widely studied breast cancer cell line MCF7. Metformin, they found, had an anti-proliferative effect on MCF7, including cells that were resistant to the common chemotherapeutic Doxorubicin.

When cells were pre-treated with metformin, the development of drug resistance was prevented or delayed. In addition, experiments conducted in both cell cultures and mouse models of aggressive breast cancer revealed that metformin reversed protein markers associated with MDR after its onset.

These findings establish that metformin has the potential to both reverse MDR in cell lines and prevent its onset. Future research will need to extend the timeline of the study to follow cancer cells for many months and determine if the effect of metformin is permanent or short-lived.


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