Men in Oz Get Restless When Women Take the Wheel

 Men in Oz Get Restless When Women Take the Wheel
A new survey shows that most Aussie men don't like being a passenger while their partner is driving. It seems Oz men believe that females aren't good drivers.
According to a survey of 3000 readers of motoring mag Australian Top Gear, only 15 per cent feel comfortable when their wives or girlfriends were driving.

Almost 50 percent said that they liked to point out serious flaws in their partners driving skills and many admitted they were embarrassed.

Women who dared correct their partner's car knowledge in front of his mates risked being divorced, with almost 40 percent of respondents saying they would consider that as grounds for calling the lawyers.

Australian Top Gear editor Stephen Corby said it was an evidence to the late Peter Brock's comments that men would rather admit they're bad lovers than bad drivers.

"The average Aussie bloke really needs to get his hands off his tools and have a good hard look at himself. If they're all such good drivers, why do they crash more often than women?" quoted him, as saying.


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