Melbourne Based Facebook Page Alerts Drunk Drivers From Being Caught

by Rukmani Krishna on Aug 17 2012 11:50 PM

 Melbourne Based Facebook Page Alerts Drunk Drivers From Being Caught
Tipping drivers off to the location of police booze and drug buses is a Melbourne-based Facebook page.
The page also alerts drivers to the positions of speed cameras and police performing warrant checks.

It has been running for at least a year and has more than 16,500 'likes' from Facebook users.

There have been hundreds of posts alerting users to booze and drug buses.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, the police has slammed the page, calling it a 'slap in the face' of people who have lost loved ones to drink driving, police say.

"While it is not specifically illegal to publish to locations of booze buses, it is concerning that there are people who are willing promote drink driving in this manner," the paper quoted a police spokeswoman, as saying.

"It's not a joke and is a slap in the face to the hundreds of people whose lives are irrevocably affected by drink drivers in Victoria every year," she added.

According to the paper, some Facebook users criticised the page, calling it irresponsible and dangerous.

In response to criticism, the page's administrator said the 'page was simply created to inform the people of Victoria as to the whereabouts of mobile booze and drug buses to-the-minute.'

"It is not this page's intention to encourage drunk or drug driving, nor does it support it. However, we have the right to be informed and to know where they are. Choosing not to drink/drug drive because a booze bus is nearby could save someone's life, or at a minimum, get them out of a fine," the administrator added.