Math Equations the Perfect Solution for Waking Up on Time?

by Kathy Jones on Mar 18 2013 1:06 AM

 Math Equations the Perfect Solution for Waking Up on Time?
Solving complex math equations often turn out to be a hair wringing experience even when fully alert and the makers of a new alarm clock app are hoping to use it to provide the perfect way to ensure that people wake up when their alarms ring, by making them solve problems, logic games and puzzles.
The app, called FreakyAlarm, might drive you crazy, but it will also get you out of bed.

To utilize the program's basic function, users who find it hard to wake can take and save photos on their smartphone before they go to bed of random objects and barcodes around the house.

Then, when the alarm goes off in the morning, users must get up and take a photo of the same object or barcode, the New York Daily News reported.

Until they do, the alarm will continue to sound, creating an ever-so-annoying, but cleverly functional, way to get you on your way.

Under one setting users must get up from bed and take a photo of a household item suggested by the phone to get the alarm to shut off.

And for those who have an even harder time getting out from under the covers, there is a unique "evil" setting, where users must complete math equations that are difficult to solve, even when wide awake.

Other grogginess-eliminating tricks from the app include a game where the user must pop "alarm bubbles" in a particular order, a game that resembles "Memory," and tape certain shapes a specific number of times.

And for each one, a sharp tone will continue to sound until the task has been completed.

In all, FreakyAlarm which runs 1.99 dollars in the iTunes store, features eight logic games, five priority levels and more than 30 "annoying" sounds that will make your blood curdle but will also summon you to your morning coffee.