Many Brits Tempted to Eat Junk Food on Sunday Evenings

by Kathy Jones on Apr 12 2013 5:43 PM

 Many Brits Tempted to Eat Junk Food on Sunday Evenings
Nearly half of Britons admit being tempted by junk food on Sunday evenings, according to a new survey carried out by Forza, which manufactures the diet supplement Raspberry ketone.
According to the survey around 48 percent of Britons said that they craved fat-rich food items, such as cakes or crisps, between 7 and 10 PM on Sunday night while an additional 29 percent said that they were likely to go for such food during 3 and 5 PM on the same day.

Around 16 percent of the participants also picked Sunday as the most likely day when they dropped off their diet plans with Monday being the highest percentage for a weekday with over 12 percent.

“It is usual for everyone to know the exact times of those danger spots so that they can eat more sensibly on those days. Fat O'Clock is a nightmare for all dieters. It's that time when you are especially vulnerable and the only thing that is going to stop your cravings is padlock on the pantry”, Forza chief executive, Lee Smith said.


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