by Kathy Jones on  October 31, 2013 at 8:11 PM Lifestyle News
 Managing Work on Weekends Might Not be Such a Big Deal
Workers who tend to relax on the weekends are plugged in to work because of the email alerts and social media constantly vying for attention, says a new poll.

However, according to '168 Hours' author Laura Vanderkam, you can easily enjoy and recharge yourself over the weekend just like successful people, who know that great weekends are the secret to workday success, even if your job requires you to work during your time off, the Huffington Post reported.

Vanderkam said that it can be easy to browse on work email throughout the weekend, especially when you're getting messages from your boss.

The author said that instead of sending emails here and there throughout your off, set aside one hour on Saturday or Sunday to get it all done and save the rest of the weekend for relaxing.

Meanwhile, Tony Schwartz, CEO of The Energy Project and author of 'The Way We're Working Isn't Working,' said that it is important to be intentional with your energy, which means when you're working, you're really working; and when you're renewing and refuelling, you're really renewing.

According to author of The Facebook Diet, Gemini Adams, if your job allows, disable your phone's email function and send emails only during the allotted time when you're at home or in front of your computer.

Source: ANI

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