by Rajashri on  October 10, 2008 at 5:25 PM Organ Donation News
 Man With Double Arm Transplant Feeling Like a Teen
A man who got a double arm transplant from a teenager says that the procedure has left him feeling like a teen as well.

Dairy farmer Karl Merk, 54, has become the world's first double arm transplant patient, after he lost both his arms while working on a corn threshing machine six years ago.

Karl's donor was a young teenager who died in a car accident just hours before his transplant operation.

"The feeling of being a whole man again is indescribable. Every day I gain more mobility in my arms and hands. What I'm looking forward to most now is to dress myself - and to ride my motorcycle again," The Sun quoted Karl, as saying.

The German farmer underwent surgery at the Technical University in Munich, which used a 40-strong medical team.

In a statement, doctors said that they did not see any sign that Karl's immune system was rejecting the foreign tissue and that his scars were healing well.

Now, Karl can open a door and turn lights on and off.

Source: ANI

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