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 Malaria Outbreak Kills 79 in Tripura
In Tripura, over 79 people have died of malaria in the past two months, said a senior official of the state health department.

Health officials said that the epidemic has affected children already suffering from lack of immunity and malnutrition.

"Till today we have 46, 375 cases means till 9th August, since 14th June. I am distressed, I am pained really to say that we have lost 79 precious lives and most of them are children. It's really painful," said Dr. P Chatterjee Assistant Director of Health Department and Officer in-Charge of the Malaria Monitoring Cell.

However, the unofficial death toll is almost double.

Most of deaths occurred in tribal-dominated areas since mid-June till date, and the state has been battling a malaria outbreak that has claimed lots of lives, mostly of tribal children.

"Now after that we have started our best beat efforts on war footing, so we have taken the first line of defence against this Malaria. They are using mosquito nets, they are using spray, after that also we can see there are some cases and doctors told that there will be some cases, we are trying to prevent so that there is not an outbreak over here," said Sub-Divisional Magistrate Bhaskar Dasgupta.

Many of the villages who mainly earn the livelihood through traditional farming complained of lack of basic amenities like health centres, electricity and clean water adding to the sufferings.

"The conditions are pathetic in this village. We have to drink polluted river water. There is no electricity in the village. There were lots of deaths in a month due to Malaria outbreak. Ten people of our village died," said a villager Chandar Debbarma.

More than 180,000 people have fallen ill with fever of which in blood of 46,375 patient's malaria fever germ was found

The germ is spread by certain species of mosquitoes breeding in water during monsoon season.

Source: ANI

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