Look to Santa Claus for Inspiration to Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

Look to Santa Claus for Inspiration to Lead a Healthy Lifestyle
The Pennsylvania Medical society is urging people to adopt a healthy lifestyle in the run-up to Christmas, and look to Santa Claus for inspiration.
The members of the society say that Santa always stays in good health despite his demanding schedule probably because he follows a healthy lifestyle.

“It’s astounding, really. Year after year, Santa’s lifestyle creates physical and mental stress and yet, there he is–jolly as ever,” said Medical Society president Dr. Peter Lund.

The doctors say that people should have a regularly scheduled physical examination, get a flu shot, protect their skin throughout the year, and stay active both physically and mentally.

They attribute these health-related habits to Santa with a view to inspiring people to mend their ways of life.

Dr. Daniel Glunk, president-elect of the Pennsylvania Medical Society, said: “Santa’s job can be strenuous, carrying heavy sacks of toys. Often doctors recommend a physical exam before a person starts such activities. It’s best to know if the person would be able to handle the activity without risk to their health.”

He adds: “I believe that Santa does have an annual check up where he and his doctors work together to minimize a variety of risk factors. Likely during the physical exam, Santa and his doctors discuss his lifestyle choices and if needed, would work with him to develop a plan to manage any problems. That could be one of the secrets to Santa’s many years of duty to children all over the world.”

A past president of the Pennsylvania Medical Society, Dr. William Lander, says: “Santa never misses an appearance or a delivery and that makes me think he gets an annual flu shot. He knows how dangerous it would be for him to spread influenza to the children, elves, or Mrs. Claus, and how disappointing it would be for him to come down with the virus.”

Dr. Victor Marks, president of the Pennsylvania Academy of Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery, says that Santa take all necessary precautions to prevent damage that may be cause due to harsh winter conditions.

“Typically, doctors caution patients about avoiding harsh winter conditions, but in Santa’s case, that’s impossible – living at the North Pole, flying around the world in the frosty winter air. If a person must work outside in the cold, then we advise patients to protect their skin. I imagine that one of Santa’s secrets for his yearly ride across the globe is that he takes precautions to avoid skin damage,” he says.

“I’ve seen Santa with warm gloves to protect his hands, and I suspect that he uses a lip balm with petrolatum and dimethicone as the main ingredients. I do get worried about his rosy cheeks. I wonder if that’s wind burn from flying all night or sunburn from daylight reflecting off the snow. Mrs. Claus now applies sunscreen to his cheeks each morning,” he adds.

The speculative causes of Santa’s good health also include the satisfaction from job and life, and a positive outlook that can contribute significantly to an overall sense of well-being.

The doctors also say that Santa never let himself become lazy. He keeps strolling through the toy workshop and outside training reindeer, besides staying mentally alert by making lists of good boys and girls, they say.


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