China's Mysterious Lake Swells and Shrinks Thrice a Day!

A mystifying lake called the Longchao Lake located in southwest Chongqing Municipality of China, swells and shrinks three times a day.
The water-body has reportedly no ditch or other lakes nearby, but it still comes up with three regular one-hour swells-and-shrinks at 8 am, 12 am and 4 pm respectively every day.

Chongqing Economic Times reported that the lake’s mysterious moves have instigated a latest scientific investigation of the lake organized by Chonqing exploitation Association and local hydrology and geology experts.

According to the report, the team will take a boat to the centre of the lake where three obvious 'water holes' are pumping up water everyday from the lake's underground.

The team will also be investigating a tree-leaf-covered deep pit that lies in the mount cliff about 20 meters away from the lake centre, as they suspect it might turn out to be the major reason for the weird siphon phenomenon of the lake.

According to experts, this is just like the human breathing phenomenon, reports China Daily.

Longchao Lake right lies on a karst land formation, or a calcareous rock stratum. The three 'water holes' in its centre might connect their underground siphon tonnels. With the help of their 'air hole', the deep pit on the lakeside cliff, underground water in the siphon tonnels could naturally spray and shrink, just like human respiration.

The reason behind this strange development dates back to 1982, when a severe drought hit the area but the three 'water holes' in the lake still pumped out waters for three days.

Local tourism administration is also planning to make the area of the mysterious lake a tourist site.


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