Log-In To Facebook With Your Eye Using An Iris-Scanner!

by VR Sreeraman on May 13 2011 9:19 PM

 Log-In To Facebook With Your Eye Using An Iris-Scanner!
A New York-based biometric security company has unveiled the world's first iris scanning device which would allow users to log into their online banking, social networks and emails, all in the blink of an eye.
Hoyos Group unveiled their new security product, dubbed the EyeLock, at the Finovate financial technology conference, amid claims that it is the first and only portable iris-scanning device for consumers.

The device, which is the size of a standard business card and weighs about 4oz, connects to the user's computer by a USB cable.

Once the accompanying software package is installed and configured, all the user then has to do to is wave the scanner in front of her eye to automatically log in to any password-protected application or website - whether that's Facebook, Twitter, PayPal or a bank account.

"Every time you log in, it reads your iris and creates a unique key, which is a series of numbers, and this key changes every time you log in, so no one can hack it," the Daily Mail quoted Tracy Hoyos, Hoyos Group's assistant marketing director, as telling CNNMoney.

The EyeLock will cost 99 dollars (60 pounds), but no release date has yet been announced.