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 UK: Facebook, Twitter Ban for Employees
Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites banned from the workplace by half of Britain's business, found study.

The survey by Lewis Communications and HCL Technologies found that 48 percent of companies have stopped workers from "tweeting" and posting updates while at work over the past year, with 45 percent fearing business reputation was at stake.

"It is quite remarkable that in this day and age, many employers are still putting their employees' interests as a low priority by not allowing them to use sites like Facebook," The Telegraph quoted Vineet Nayar, HCL Technologies' CEO, as saying.

"Banning them outright will impact employees' approach to work in a negative way, having a detrimental effect on the business as a whole," he added.

Researchers at Goldsmith College, London, supported the conclusion and said the bans are losing firms four billion pounds a year because demoralized employees are putting in less effort at work.

Most of the workers felt more productive after an "ebreak" surfing the Internet than they did after a tea break, a research said.

"Teabreaks and fag breaks have long been the most common types of break, but the report shows ebreaks are fast becoming the most popular choice for British workers," The Telegraph quoted Dr. Chamorro-Premuzic, who led the research, as saying.

Source: ANI

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