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Locals Complain of Apathy With A Surge In Encephalitis Cases In Gorakhpur
The rising instances of Encephalitis have claimed over 200 lives this year. This has caused panic and anger among the residents.

Accumulation of filth across the city during monsoons has worsened the dilapidated healthcare facilities.

The locals, flabbergasted at the official apathy, told mediapersons that every year several people die in the government hospital due to alarming rise of the disease, and the administration has failed to take any preventive measures.

"Gorakhpur Medical College is the only medical college in east where seven to eight children die everyday. Over 50 children are admitted everyday, and these figures show that every month the number is increasing. Indian government should get serious about the matter," Yogendra Chauhan, one of the residents, said.

Due to poor medical facilities, three to four patients use one bed in the medical college hospital. Figures claim that every day ten to eleven people die due to Encephalitis in the region.

Narmada Chauhan, a local, complained about the filth in the entire area and said that both of his children are suffering from Encephalitis.

"I have twin sons and both are ill, one is being treated in this hospital and the other one is treated at home. Our village is surrounded by dirt and there is no road in our village, the other roads are filled with water and there are insects all over. No government authority is visiting that area," rued Chauhan.

Mosquitoes that breed in stagnant water cause encephalitis. Therefore, hygiene becomes essential in preventing the disease from spreading.

Speaking to reporters, K.P. Kushwaha , principal of government medical college hospital, said that proper arrangements were being made for the patients who come for treatment.

"Patients suffering from Encephalitis are not large in numbers. Every day around 30- 40 patients come here and till now more than 500 patients have been treated. This year till now almost 1100 patients have come here and around 215 had died," Kushwaha said.

According to doctors, the death rate due to encephalitis is 28 to 56 percent, and those who survive may have to endure life as mentally or physically challenged persons.

Encephalitis symptoms include headache, fever, convulsions, drowsiness, fatigue and the inflammation of the brain.

The disease has affected people in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal and Assam.

Source: ANI

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