by Kathy Jones on  September 7, 2013 at 9:11 PM Lifestyle News
 List of Things That Airline Pilots Hide from Passengers Revealed
A new survey has revealed the number of things that airline pilots hide from the passengers, including crucial things such as flying with less fuel, safety issues or delaying the flights because they wanted to have a quick meal.

Reader's Digest interviewed several pilots on topics like safety, stress, delays, rough landings and they disclosed some of their best kept secrets.

One pilot said that the pilots are constantly tired and sometimes fail to understand safety rules, where, when on the ground, one is buckled in like they're at NASCAR, but are allowed to roam free in the plane at 39,000 feet when turbulence can hit anytime.

Another revealed that the public doesn't know that they are sometimes made to sit in planes of regional airlines, whose pilots are not required to have as much training and experience unlike pilots of major airlines.

Meanwhile, many pilots are clueless about directions at airports and most people get sick after traveling not because of what they breathe but because of what they touch.

Also, passengers are only told what they need to know so they do not get scared in the event of a worrying situation, and pilots also like to be praised for a good landing.

Source: ANI

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