Kissing, Cuddling Lead to Sex Before Marriage, Warns Former Prostitute-turned-preacher!

by Thilaka Ravi on Jul 9 2009 1:41 PM

A former prostitute-turned-preacher has warned young Christians against kissing or cuddling before marriage, saying that it may lead to premarital sex.

Evangelist Sy Rogers, who confessed being a transsexual and gay before, says that "kisses and cuddles" and the "good old pash" are foreplay people should abstain from if they are not married.

According to The Adelaide Advertiser, Rogers, who believes homosexuality can be "cured" with prayer, is due to give a talk at a conference at Enfield Baptist Church in Adelaide next month, reports the Herald Sun.

In a preview released recently, he asked: "So when is it time to stir up sexual desire? When you can afford to: in marriage. Control sexual desire; don't let it control you."

However, sexual health experts warned against such extreme form of chastity, saying that it may leave young people "more vulnerable to sexual exploitation."

SHine SA (Sexual Health information networking and education) teacher education co-ordinator Jane Flentje said: "(Abstinence) may mean kids delay having sex a bit longer, but on the whole they don't wait until they're married," she said. "When they do start having sex they're not using contraceptives and condoms as often, and they're not as comfortable talking to people about it.

"If kids don't get any opportunity to learn about this stuff and explore relationships, they're much more vulnerable to sexual exploitation."