Integration of IT in Healthcare, India

by Hannah Joy on Nov 6 2017 4:06 PM

Integration of IT in Healthcare, India
Integration of IT in healthcare improves the quality of care by tracking and maintaining healthcare history and providing effective and efficient practices to patients, reveals a new study.
Despite the fact that progress has been //achieved in healthcare to some extent there are many shortcomings faced by the healthcare system in India.

The ageing population, increased expenses, rising medical complications, the rapid growth of intense and chronic diseases, are leading to noteworthy strain on healthcare systems.

High-quality care along with new solutions must be provided in order to deal with these issues.

Integration of IT in healthcare to provide quality and quantity of services can help to do away with some of the problems.

IT in healthcare will not only provide a technical and systematic way to track and maintain the record of healthcare history of the patients but also paves the way to carry out effective and efficient practices in healthcare services along with the ability to share valid, accurate and complete information.

The examples of IT in healthcare include; electronic medical record system, computerized diseases entries and much more. Information concerning the patient can be shared by using the internet, thereby making it further convenient for the patient and the family members.

Acceptance of new tools, finest practices, examined results from laboratories is put forth and encouraged by IT for excellence delivery of services in healthcare. Easy, affordable and fastest way to diagnose health problems.

IT in healthcare will not only make it cost effective but will also help in the better management of the patient. Thus, integration of IT can offer improved and superior performances in the healthcare system of the country.

To know more about the need and benefits of integration of IT in healthcare, we can put you in touch with Dr Usha, Director IIHMR (Institute of Health Management & Research) Bangalore.

Dr Usha Manjunath, a Healthcare Management Academician, did her M.Sc. (Speech & Hearing) from AIISH, Mysore and M.Phil (Hospital & Health Systems Management) and PhD in Quality Management from BITS, Pilani, Rajasthan, India.

She has completed a Certification Program in Strategic Leadership and Management in Healthcare in December 2012 by IIHMR, Delhi and Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. She has 31 years of experience, 13 years in Speech and Hearing and rests as Management Faculty with a behavioral science focus.

Dr Usha’s experience includes academics/teaching, training & capacity building, entrepreneurship, community/social development work including healthcare management.

Indian Institute of Health Management Research (IIHMR) was established in 1984 is a premier organization that pioneered establishing Health Management as a new discipline by integrating concepts of Public Health and Management.

Source-Citizen News Service (CNS)

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