by Savitha C Muppala on  September 25, 2013 at 9:09 AM Child Health News
 Incredible Will of a 13-month-old Baby to Beat Odds and Survive After Dying 3 Times
A lethal virus that almost took the life of a baby three times has perplexed doctors, who had given up hope, and are wondering how this 13-month-old baby girl made an unbelievable recovery.

The baby, Willow Page, suffered three heart attacks and a stroke due to myocarditis, a virus that attacked her tiny heart.

When she was struck with this sickness, and rushed to Glenfield Hospital in Leicester, her heart had stopped for nearly four-and-a-half minutes, and then it was re-started. She was later put on a ventilator but it was disheartening to see her go down with up to 25 fits a day.

Doctors had communicated the seriousness of the whole thing to the parents saying that even if she survived, she will be a victim of brain damage and she could need a heart transplant.

Wonder of wonders, Willow fought her battles and made an unbelievable recovery and is back at home.

"When she had the first heart attack we thought that was the worst that could happen - but then to have another two and a stroke was unthinkable. But Willow is a little fighter and amazed everyone by pulling through. My baby is back to the happy little girl she always was. She died three times but still managed to cling on to life - it's a miracle."

Source: Medindia

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