A Turn Away From Facebook

by Bidita Debnath on Oct 7 2012 9:49 PM

 A Turn Away From Facebook
With an increasing number of users complaining over the culture of 'narcissism and self-absorption', Australians have started turning away from the social networking site Facebook.
The six-monthly Ipsos Mackay Report showed that Facebook users complained that the constant flow of status updates is becoming 'time-consuming and tiring'.

According to the report, some users said that they wanted to close their Facebook accounts, but felt they had no choice but to remain a user if they wanted to stay in touch with friends, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

Some participants felt that Facebook was blurring the boundaries between public and the private.

A majority of young people were concerned about the fact that current and potential employers would use Facebook to catch them behaving badly or faking sickies.

"A key complaint amongst some was the culture of narcissism and self-absorption that appeared to be rife on Facebook," the report said.

"Bullying and a general lack of civility on social media also worried some participants," the report added.