Facebook Blamed for 'Fuelling Violence' By UK Judge

by Rukmani Krishna on Sep 30 2012 11:58 PM

 Facebook Blamed for
Facebook was criticized by a British judge for encouraging violence, because people feel they can post offensive messages without revealing their identities.
"It is remarkable when people are communicating on Facebook, that they say things they would not say face to face," the Telegraph quoted Judge Nigel Gilmour of Liverpool Crown Court, as saying.

"We are increasingly getting in court instances beginning on Facebook, it is becoming more and more," the judge added.

The judge's remarks came while sentencing 17-year-old Daniel Cannon, who used 'his teeth as a weapon' to bite off a chunk of friend's ear.

The judge hit out over messages posted on Facebook by Cannon's brother, which provoked the attack.

"I had an opportunity to look at the Facebook (comments)- and it can be said that the defendant's brother is responsible for Daniel Cannon being in the dock," the paper quoted the judge, as saying.

"It would have been appropriate if your brother could be in court today. It was disgraceful, pathetic, juvenile behaviour - messages some of which were deeply offensive and of a violent nature," he added.