Household Waste Diet: the Newest Way to Reduce Waste and Waistlines!

by VR Sreeraman on Nov 2 2008 11:08 AM

Forget the Atkins and the Cambridge diet - and give way for WI - the newest way to reduce waste and waistlines in the UK.

National 'Love Food' campaign by Women's Institute campaign turned out to be such a success at weight-loss that its now been touted as the perfect diet for shedding extra pounds.

In the campaign, women are encouraged to plan meals, reuse leftovers and buy local produce, for reducing the amount of waste produced by households.

But apart from reducing waste, the scheme turned out to be an effective scheme in boosting health and saving money, and is thus being considered as the ultimate solution to the problem of childhood obesity and surviving the credit crunch.

According to Ruth Bond, chairwoman of the WI public affairs committee chair, it's possible for women to lose weight and save the planet.

"Our members have shown that reducing food waste is good for the environment, your pocket and even your waistline," The Telegraph quoted her as saying.

She added: "It's true that meal planning reduced the temptation to nibble on leftovers, but participants also found a support network in their Love Food group, which encouraged everyone to talk about things that were bothering them such as weight problems. It's easier to make changes when you know you're not going it alone."

Carina Norris, a registered nutritionist, claimed that the Women's Insititute campaign was the perfect diet for a nation suffering higher than ever levels of obesity and falling incomes.