Hope for Senior Citizens as Gerontology Course is Launched in Kolkata

 Hope for Senior Citizens as Gerontology Course is Launched in Kolkata
A course in Gerontology has been introduced by an NGO in Kolkata. The aim of the course is to create a cadre of dedicated young people to render all possible help and relief to the aged and at the same time to instill them a sense of confidence in their capabilities and worthiness as active citizens.
Gerontology is a scientific study of the biological, psychological, and sociological phenomena associated with old age.

With an aim to add a new zing in the lives of the aged people, the NGO runs day a care center for the senior citizens where apart from free food, medicine and clothes they get ample amount of personal attention, love and adoration.

The NGO has started the short-term course on Gerontology to promote zeal amidst the youngsters and social workers to make the senior citizens feel good. There are around 30 seats and Calcutta University certifies the course.

According to the organizers, the course helps the social workers to learn new techniques and upgrade their knowledge for handling the problems.

" Those who are dealing with older person, they should upgrade their knowledge and should know what changes exactly are coming up in this field and this short term courses from five days to one month are for enhancing the knowledge base of the social workers of age care institutions," said Indrani Chakraborty, Director, Calcutta Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology (CMIG).

Enthusiastic about serving the senior citizens, the students interact with them for hours so that they don't feel lonely. I have joined this course because in my childhood I saw my grandfather being left alone. Though there were people around who could take care of him but nobody had the time for him. I had it in my mind since then, that I would do something for the aged when I would grow up," said Kakoli Chakaravarty, a students.

For the aged people who felt secluded at their respective homes, this day care centre is proving like a heaven where their woes are heard, queries responded and problems are solved.

"They know how to take care of us. We need them. We don't get care at home. They talk to us, make us laugh and they understand our pain," said Alaka Biswas, a senior citizen.


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