Healthy Baby Born to Triple Transplant Mum

by Savitha C Muppala on Nov 11 2013 11:39 PM

 Healthy Baby Born to Triple Transplant Mum
Tina Martin, 43, cannot believe her blessing and has completely surprised doctors after she delivered a normal baby despite having undergone three organ transplants.
She cannot believe the miracle in her life after she was told that the survival chances of her baby were dim due to her health as well as the medication to prevent organs being rejected.

Martin was just seven when she was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. She had to undergo kidney transplant where both the kidneys were replaced. She also received a pancreas from a dead donor.

As per data, Martin also holds the record for being the oldest woman to give birth to a healthy baby following a kidney and pancreas transplant.

The baby girl, named Tassiah, is indeed a miracle baby born in January by caesarean section at 35 weeks, weighing 4lb.

Dr Jonathan Kwan, Mrs Martin's consultant at the Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital, said: 'It is an absolute miracle that Tina managed to give birth to this little wonder, Tassiah, under the most adverse set of clinical circumstances. The odds were totally stacked against her. There cannot be many, if any, patients in the world who suffer from diabetic end stage kidney disease, who have a 10-year history of kidney failure treatment, who have been on dialysis and subsequently received three transplanted organs, and then managed to conceive successfully, never mind producing a healthy baby.'