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Winter Care Tips For Pets
Winter is a time when mercury drops and the chill in air becomes unbearable. It is time to protect our four legged pets. Here are some tips to follow.

Keep Pets Protected:
Pets are very sensitive to cold weather. It is best to keep them indoors with your family. Never expose them to cold breeze. Some dogs like being outdoors. For those, you can provide a draft-free shelter that is big enough to allow the dog to sit and lie down.

Cats Need Additional Care:
Cats and small wildlife are attracted to warm engines of parked cars and may snuggle under the vehicle. To avoid hurting them, bang the car's hood to scare them off before switching on the engine.

Wrap Your Pets Warm:
Buy the right size warm clothes for your pets from the pet shop and wrap them warm. It will keep them protected from winter's chillness. Birds, rabbits and other caged animals can be protected using a shawl.

Naturally Warm:
Thick fur keeps dogs and cats naturally warm. Do not shave off their fur during winter time.

Warm, Cozy Bedding:
Avoid your cats and dogs sleeping on the floor. Appropriate bedding and mattress will keep them cozy and place them in a warm spot.

Protect the Paws:
Salts that are used to melt snow and ice tend to irritate the pads of pet's feet. It is always good to wipe off the paws with damp cloth.

Keep Away from Antifreeze:
The sweet taste of anti-poison attracts pets. Keep them away as it is a deadly poison.

Keep the Room Heater Unreachable:
It is important to keep pets away from heaters as they may get a burn on contact.

Lots of Food and Water:
Make sure that your pet has enough water to drink cause keeping warmth consumes a lot of energy. Check every 2 to 3 hours to replace fresh water.

Winter Health Check-up:
If your pet experiences joint pains or is prone to arthritis, it is advisable to consult the veterinarian for health supplements and other medication for winter.

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