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  • Hayden Cross, a British man, is now the first to become a male to give birth in UK.
  • The lad is part-way through hormone treatment to transform to a man and has been living legally as a man for three years.

First British Man Pauses Gender Transition To Have a Baby
Hayden Cross, 20, decided to pause his gender reassignment process so he could give birth. He is now the first British man to conceive a child and is four months pregnant.

Hayden, who lives in a council flat in Gloucester and receives unemployment benefits, has lived legally as man for three years. He has been taking male hormones which have given him facial hair and a deeper voice.

Desperate to have a baby at some point in his life, he asked the NHS to freeze his eggs before he completed his transition. He will complete his transition, which will remove his breasts and ovaries, after his child is born.

But he was left devastated when doctors refused to give him the £4,000 treatment and decided to look for a sperm donor online so he could give birth before he is no longer able. He found a sperm donor on Facebook and became pregnant four months ago.

He said the anonymous sperm donor, who he didn't know, delivered the sperm to his door in a pot and he inserted it with a syringe because he could not afford a proper clinic.

Hayden said if the NHS had agreed to freeze his eggs then he would have waited until he was older and in a steady relationship before having a child.

Hayden went to an all girl's school in Gloucester but he was expelled at the age of 14, around the time his parents split up when his dad returned to taking drugs.

He said he didn't fit in, made mostly male friends and loved playing football. He said he is bisexual and has dated both males and females but prefers males.

Before becoming pregnant, Hayden was on the NHS gender transition process which helps around 3,000 patients in England at a cost of £22.72million or £29,000 per patient. He will be helped though his pregnancy by his his local ­hospital's NHS maternity services.

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