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Easy Steps to Get Rid of Stretch Marks
Stretch Marks: How to Vanish Them

Whether you just gave birth to your baby, or you have shed some pounds recently, stretch marks are a sure thing to form on your skin. Women are often worried about their stretch marks and try many ways to cover them. But the truth is that stretch marks cannot be prevented, you can just try to minimize how much is visible of those stretch marks. Rapid stretching causes middle layer of skin to break in many places, which allows the deeper skin to also be visible through them. These are called stretch marks. They are lighter shade in color and look like cracks on your skin.

They are not preventable but you can sure hide them and make them less visible. Here are some tips that you can try to make them near invisible.

Exercise: So what if you lost some extra pounds from your body. There is no such reason that you should stop exercising. Exercise will help you to make your skin firm and reduce the stretch marks.

Balanced Diet: Make sure that you are taking ample amount of proteins and vitamins in your diet. Food items containing vitamin C such as lemon and guava and those containing vitamin K such as dark leafy vegetables are necessary for your healthy skin. Increase the intake of milk and other dairy products such as cheese and butter to cure the stretch marks.

Creams and Ointments: Creams and ointments with vitamin E are one of the best treatments to cure stretch marks. Moisturizers with cocoa butter, jojoba oil, olive oils are effective in treating stretch marks. Apply them on your skin with a good massage for at least 5 minutes to get results.

Eat Zinc-rich food: Zinc is one of the best micronutrients to heal stretch marks. Food rich in zinc such as sea food can hasten the process of diminishing those ugly stretch marks from your body parts.

Applying Scrubs: Lightening the tone of skin can be very effective to hide the visibility of the stretch marks. The stretch marks are usually lighter than your natural skin shade. Scrub your body using salt scrubs and sugar scrub to keep your skin moisturized and get fast results.

Drink Water: Keep yourself well hydrated with water and fruit juices to make your skin look younger and maintain the elasticity. This would prevent further appearance of stretch marks if you lose weight again.

Some people are worried about flaws in their bodies and the issues that create inferiority complex in them, but some believe carrying their flaws elegantly and effortlessly. Hence, it is advised not to be over-concerned with the problem of stretch marks as it takes a little long to see the results of your therapies and treatments. But once gone, stretch marks will never come back in a hurry.

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