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Color and Personality
Did you know your favorite color reveals a lot about your personality? For a minute decide upon your favorite color and then, scroll down to 'color-decode' your personality.

Red: The color red, in general, is symbolic of vitality and health. People having outgoing, aggressive and impulsive personalities tend to like the color red. They tend to be very ambitious, optimistic, open, uncomplicated, determined, restless and abrupt. Also, 'red' people aren't really introspective and are often unaware of their own shortcomings.

Green: Green is the color of peace, harmony, hope, fertility and renewal. Gentle and peaceful people often opt for greens. 'Green' people are often exploited by others owing to their civilized and modest nature. A 'green' person tends to pay more attention to detail. The qualities of generosity, compassion, love, loyalty and orientation are what define them.

Blue: The color blue signifies reliability, trust and vulnerability. A 'blue' person tends to be caring, soft, compassionate, patient, persevering and also exercises amazing self-control. They are often admired for their wisdom and intellect. On the flip side, they also have a tendency to worry too much and tend to be suspicious.

Yellow: The color yellow is symbolic of imagination, happiness, joy and wisdom. Yellow lovers have a sunny personality and a strong sense of humor. They are mostly intellectuals. A 'yellow' person may at times try to neglect their responsibilities and rush into things. Impulsiveness defines them but they manage to put on a brave front in terms of adversity. Their communication skills are excellent and they excel in everything that involves the mind.

White: White is the color of purity, youth and innocence. They are basically simple and have anoptimistic nature. They are neat, sensible, wise, self-controlled, far-sighted and confident. Sometimes, they can also be critical of themselves and tend to be loners. They might be introverts but love the opportunity to speak out.

Black: Black symbolizes caution, dignity and mystery. People who have an inclination to the color black generally suppress their inner desires and emotions. Also, it is seen that prestige and power play an important role in their life. They tend to be unemotional, methodical and never let any negativity around them affect them. They also tend to suppress their emotions.

Pink: The color pink symbolizes most of the qualities of the color red, but in a more subtle way. Women who like the color pink tend to have strong maternal qualities. They are likely to be loving, affectionate and caring. People who love the color pink tend to be charming in their own way, and are usually kind, sensitive and generous. They have an aura of warmth around them to which most people feel drawn to. They also have an optimistic attitude; they are generally calm and composed. They tend to be perceived as sweet and beautiful but with a hint of immaturity.

Brown: The color brown symbolizes a person who has a great deal of stamina, patience and a down-to-earth attitude. A 'brown' person tends to be very practical and may compromise often to maintain stability. They have a sensual nature, and people often find it easy to open up to them and to confide in them. Losing control over a situation is the thing that scares them the most and sometimes them have a materialistic attitude.

Purple: Purple is the color of royalty and elegance. 'Purple' people are basically sensitive, compassionate, understanding and introverted. They have strong intuitive powers and have an amazing imagination. Generous by nature, they tend to have great friends. Also, they detest responsibility and like being a free spirit.

Gray: The color gray defines a person who exercises caution in everything they do. As a 'gray' person, they are willing to compromise and sometimes even work without a reward. They have a strong sense of business and tend to shut off their emotions at times. They prefer a safe and secure existence and steer clear of extreme emotions. They are dependable, tactless and sometimes obstinate.

Orange: The color orange symbolizes luxury and pleasure. An 'orange' personis a fun-loving person with a great social circle. The qualities of fearlessness and curiosity are embedded deep within them. Often, they tend to dramaticize a little bit, but overall, they are good natured people which makes them popular amongst their peer group.

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