Health Survey in New Zealand

by Rathi Manohar on May 10 2011 9:55 PM

 Health Survey in New Zealand
Wellington, New Zealand is setting the lead in good health, according to a survey by the Southern Cross Healthcare.
People in Wellington are the least stressed in the country and the survey discovered that they made their  city the second best for good work-life balance. They set the best record in exercising with 31 per cent exercising two or three times per week, and the overall focus was on good health, rather than better looks and appearance.

The only drawback Wellingtonians face is their drinking habit. Dr Ian McPherson, the CEO of Southern Cross says, “Drinking 10 or more standard drinks per week, Wellington tops the polls significantly with 23% as opposed to say 13% in Auckland."

Alcohol consumption is least in Auckland,   but work-life balance plagues Aucklanders. It has also the highest level of fast food intake. Researchers feel that it is all related to  work,  stress,  living beyond their means both as a country and as individuals.

Tauranga residents have the best work-life balance.

Christchurch has high levels of stress, but the increase is nationwide.

On the whole,New Zealanders are under increasing stress, drinking more alcohol, eating takeaways, getting fat and they don't have time to exercise.

The survey was carried out with the intent to work with university academics and other health professionals.    “We actually do care that New Zealanders stay healthy and this [the survey] is just part of that," McPherson said.

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