Halal Meat Refused by British MPs

by Kathy Jones on Jan 2 2012 6:55 PM

 Halal Meat Refused by British MPs
It is reported that British Muslim MPs and peers have been told that they cannot have meat slaughtered in line with Islamic tradition. The method involves slitting an animal's throat without first stunning it and is offensive to many of their non-Muslim colleagues.
The stance has infuriated some parliamentarians who have eaten meat in The Palace of Westminster's 23 restaurants and cafes, having been assured that it was halal.

"I did feel misled. I think a halal option should be made available," the Daily Mail quoted Lord Ahmed of Rotherham, as saying.

In 2010, the paper revealed schools, hospitals and restaurants were serving halal meat to unwitting customers.

According to the report popular fast-food chains including Domino's Pizza, Pizza Hut, KFC, Nando's and Subway are also using halal meat without telling customers.

Members of the Church of England have complained that the spread of halal meat was 'effectively spreading Sharia law' across the UK.

Alison Ruoff, a member of the Church of England, however pointed out that 'it is a bit hypocritical that the Houses of Parliament, which have allowed other people to provide halal food, have ruled it out on their ownpremises.'(ANI)