'Golden Ratio' Famous in 'The Da Vince Code',could Reveal Most Fertile Wombs

by Savitha C Muppala on Aug 17 2012 11:15 PM

 `Golden Ratio` Famous in `The Da Vince Code`,could Reveal Most Fertile Wombs
The 'Golden ratio' of 1.618, which was popularized by Dan Brown's 'The Da Vince Code', may even apply to our bodies internally and could reveal the most fertile wombs, according to a gynaecologist.
The number 1.618, which has been taken from the famous Fibonacci sequence, is said to be the key to everything - from encrypting computer data, to the numbers of spirals on a sunflower head, to our very own limbs and why the Mona Lisa is so pleasing to the human eye.

Dr Jasper Verguts, from the University Hospital Leuven in Belgium, theorised that women would be most fertile if they had a uterus of perfect proportions - a womb where the ratio of length to width is 1.618.

For his study, Verguts measured the wombs of 5,000 women using ultrasound and drew up a table of the average ratio of length to width for different age bands, the Daily Mail reported.

He then found that the ratio is around 2 at the time of birth but decreases as women age to 1.46.

Verguts also found the age when women are most fertile on an average - between the ages of 16 to 20 - the ratio was 1.6

"This is the first time anyone has looked at this, so I am pleased it turned out so nicely," he told The Guardian.

The Fibonacci sequence is named after Leonardo Fibonacci, an Italian born around 1170 who popularised the concept in the West.

There has been speculation that Leonardo Da Vinci used the sequence as the proportions of the Mona Lisa's face also fit the ratio.

Many claim that the most aesthetically pleasing people have faces that fit these ratios.