by Tanya Thomas on  July 22, 2008 at 11:37 AM Women Health News
 Generation H- for Some Women the Fun Starts at 40!
Today's women are now reaching for the stars and seem to be breaking a whole lot of stereotypes along the way! If you think life as a fun-loving woman meets a dead end at 30, think again. A new survey has shown that the generation of females reaching their late 40s is reveling in their newfound fountain of youth.

Inspired with the 'Sex And The City' sisterhood, more than 50 percent of women in their mid-40s go clubbing regularly.

The survey showed that another 71 per cent have ditched dowdy coffee mornings for cocktails with the girls.

This independent breed of women, dubbed Generation Happy, feels overwhelmingly comfortable with themselves and are using their financial independence to the fullest, unlike when they were younger and more insecure.

As well as socializing with friends in bars and clubs, a Generation H woman has no qualms about taking control of her love life.

Over 50 percent women admitted to going speed-dating to meet potential partners.

Despite the growing popularity of cosmetic surgery, 45 per cent reported being totally happy with their appearance.

Only three per cent try to follow celebrities' lives, while more than half are happy to behave independently, free of any influence.

According to the survey, generation H has also abandoned the image of doting grandparents, living only to take care of their kids and grandchildren.

Almost 50 percent women surveyed said that they believed this was the time to focus on themselves rather than their family, with only one per cent agreeing that they should be looking after their men.

"Generation H has an ability to look on the bright side. They are taking control of their lives," the Daily Express quoted a spokesperson for sweetener makers Canderel, who carried out the study, as saying.

"The findings challenge the preconceived attitudes of society towards women in their 40s and 50s as being safe and set in their ways.

"In fact, they are independent, comfortable in their own skin and above all know what they want and most of all how to get it," the spokesperson added.

The survey comes after a recent research, which showed that women hit their peak when they turn 39.

The survey, commissioned by Debenhams, said that this is the age when women feel, or expect to feel, their happiest, most attractive and confident.

Source: ANI

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