Gene Linked to Peanut Allergy Identified

by Kathy Jones on Mar 11 2011 9:25 PM

 Gene Linked to Peanut Allergy Identified
In what could prove to be a major relief for people suffering from peanut allergy, a group of Scottish researchers have identified the gene that causes the allergy, sparking hopes of a cure or treatment of the condition.
The total number of people suffering from peanut allergy has spiked over the last two decades though researchers are not yet sure for the exact cause of the allergy. People suffering from the disease have to be careful about their diet since the reaction is often life threatening.

However researchers from Dundee have identified a genetic defect among those who suffer from the allergy. Known as Filaggrin defect, the researchers say that those who have this type of defect are at a higher risk of suffering from the allergy.

“Allergic conditions often run in families, which tells us that inherited genetic factors are important. Now, for the first time, we have a genetic change that can be firmly linked to peanut allergy”, lead researcher Dr Sara Brown said.