Finally, Some Relief from Lymphoedema

by Savitha C Muppala on Aug 22 2008 6:11 PM

Michelle Wild, 36 could not play with her three old son on the floor due to a painful condition that had claimed her agility since her teenage years. Medically termed as non-cancer related lymphoedema, the condition left her legs badly swollen, resulting in a lot of pain.

Michelle is also a victim of spina bifida.

Fortunes turned in her favor when she least expected it, after years of battling the condition following a chance meeting with an intuitive GP. Finally, his reference saw her approaching the two year old lymphoedema clinic at Clatterbridge Hospital, which gave her a new lease of life.  

Explaining her problem, Michelle said: “My legs were twice the size as normal which restricted my movement and, worst of all, I couldn’t get down on the floor to play with my three-year-old son like other mums.”

Michelle underwent three weeks of regular and intensive treatment which employed many levels of bandages and stockings to dissolve fluid accumulation in the limbs, which is typical of people suffering the condition.

 “The treatment was tough, but it was quick, and now I feel absolutely fantastic. My legs are half the size which means I can get about much more easily and, best of all, I can play games with my son,” Michelle said.

Concerned that there could be more patients suffering the condition, Lol Pidcock and Janice Entwistle, part of the team that made this possible for Michelle, call out for more such sufferers to come out and seek relief from their condition.

Lol explained: “Lymphoedema can affect adults and children but our message to people is don’t suffer alone – go to your GP and ask to be referred.”