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 Fifty Percent of New Mums Not Comfortable With Breastfeeding in Public
Three fourth of new mothers are not so comfortable breastfeeding in public, a survey has revealed.

Despite strong opposition from retailers, advocates have made breastfeeding not only acceptable but a legal right in cafes, restaurants and shops, a poll conducted by baby bottle maker Avent suggests.

Women say they are still far at ease feeding their babies at home, instead in front of strangers.

In a survey of 3,000 mums, it was discovered that one in four don't feel at ease to expose their breasts in public and they will rather use bottles to feed their newborn.

Twenty six percent of mums said they would only do it when they have no alternative.

According to the survey, more than half of women find public breastfeeding hardest to master.

Only one in three confessed of not feeling shy.

Three in four said they felt worried their baby may not have had enough milk.

As so much of suggestions seem to be adding to their confusions, one in four said they were not really sure for how long they should feed this way.

A third said they did not know when babies could digest cow's milk instead.

"Getting started with breastfeeding can be very challenging for a new mum especially as it is a whole new experience for her and baby," the Daily Express quoted Vicki Scott, feeding and wellbeing advisor for the Avent brand.

He added: If a baby is constantly feeding, or the mum is sore, it could be the baby is only nipple-feeding. A midwife or health visitor is the first person to ask for advice."

Women are advised by health professionals to feed newborn babies for around 20 minutes, every two to three hours.

But this can be reduced to once every three to four hours within a month or two.

Source: ANI

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