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59-Year-Old Woman Cured of Osteoarthritis With Gold Knee Implant in India
A 59-year-old woman who was suffering from acute osteoarthritis and could not walk without a support successfully underwent a new knee implant surgery.

It all started with the ignorance of mild knee pain for Anjali Kore that turned into osteoarthritis. The condition was such that even if she managed to walk, the pain was unbearable.

Despite regular visits to the doctor and physiotherapist, her condition remained the unchanged. She heard through her friends about the new gold knee implant which, unlike other knee replacements, has the advantage of not being corrosion-free.

Kore visited leading orthopaedic surgeon Amit Tyagi, who is associated with the Atlanta hospital at Vasundhara in Ghaziabad. She was briefed about the gold knee and its advantages which convinced her to undergo the knee surgery and get gold knee implant done.

"I was not just briefed about the gold knee by the doctor but also told about the poor quality of various other transplants and the side-effects. So, I got the most effective gold knee implant done. I feel much better and can even walk around without support and pain," said Kore.

According to doctors, knee-replacement surgery is fairly common in India and it is a permanent solution for knee-related problems, especially acute arthritis.

"Gold knee is one of the best implants available these days and is the most successful too. It not only increases the life of the implant but also prevents any allergic reactions," said Tyagi.

He said that most importantly gold knee implant can take extra weight, which means it can treat patients who are obese or overweight too.

However, he said the gold knee replacement procedure lasts from 40 to 50 minutes and if the patient does not have any other health complications, then he/she can start walking in two to three days.

"Gold knee implants have unmatched hardness. It can withstand corrosive environment stress and strain that all artificial knees are exposed to in the human body," Tyagi said. "It has unique multi-layer coating of seven layers. With all these unique properties, we can surely say gold knee is designed for performance," he said while explaining about the gold knee.

Source: IANS

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