Fetus Removed from a New Born Baby’s Stomach

by Rishika Gupta on Mar 13 2018 2:46 PM

 Fetus Removed from a New Born Baby’s Stomach
In a one of a kind bizarre case, doctors from an Ahmedabad hospital performed an extremely rare surgery which involved the removal of a fetus from the stomach of a newborn baby boy.
Parents to whom the new born was born discovered a swelling in the baby’s stomach. After this, they admitted the newborn to a hospital.

After examining the swelling, the medical team at the hospital revealed that the infant was suffering from a rare condition called retro-peritoneal mature teratoma or fetus in fetu.

CT scan discovered the presence of fetus inside the infant's abdomen. Dr. Bhavin Vasavada, a senior surgeon, removed the fetus from the abdomen of the infant.

The unborn fetus was found to have an undeveloped hand and some parts of a spine. Despite the rare abnormality, the operation was a success, and the infant is said to recovering well.

Fetus in Fetu

“Fetus in Fetu” literally translates to the fetus inside a fetus condition. In this condition, a fetus gets prematurely enveloped and enclosed inside the body of its twin. This phenomenon is so rare that only 200 cases have been reported so far in this condition.

Simple facts about this developmental disorder.
  • It is a developmental anomaly/abnormality and therefore has nothing to with any sexual activity. In this an embryo of a child encases and envelops that of its twin, restricting the other’s growth.
  • It usually occurs inside the abdomen.
  • Some symptoms of this fetus in fetu abnormality include abdominal swelling, jaundice, pressure on the kidneys, breathlessness, and vomiting.


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