Feel 'Young' With New 'Feel-Good Pill' as You Get Older

by Himabindu Venkatakrishnan on Feb 5 2015 9:48 PM

 Feel `Young` With New `Feel-Good Pill` as You Get Older
A new 'Feel-Good pill' has been designed by a team of researchers to target metabolic repair and optimization and promote healthy aging with memory and cardiovascular health.
BASISTM is the first of the Elysium Health company's upcoming line of dietary supplements created to support metabolic and cellular health, enhance biological functions, such as muscle repair and inflammatory response, and promote healthy aging with memory and cardiovascular health.

Created in 2014 to develop a new category of supplements based on sound scientific research, Elysium Health researches, develops, licenses and markets supplements that target biological deficiencies through new pathways that complement diet and exercise.

Co-founder and chief scientist Leonard Guarente of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) said that recent technological innovations, combined with advancements in their understanding of basic biological mechanisms, finally give them this opportunity to develop novel products that may provide a meaningful impact on individuals' health.

Guarente added that they are thrilled to introduce BASISTM and excited about Elysium's potential to build upon the scientific understanding of how natural compounds can enhance an array of key biological functions, and then translate that knowledge into products that may help people improve and sustain their health.

To support Elysium Health's business structure and mission, Guarente, Eric Marcotulli and Dan Alminana have structured a scientific advisory board composed of more than 30 of the world's leading industry innovators, scientific researchers and clinicians, including five Nobel laureates.

Alminana added that outstanding customer experience and product quality are fundamental to Elysium Health's mission and their intent is to create a new model in this industry that establishes a true dialogue and partnership with customers in support of lifelong health and they look forward to bringing additional products to market.