Face-to-face Talk is Preferred Rather Than Online Chats

by Rajashri on Oct 11 2009 9:55 AM

A new study says that despite the popularity of social networking websites, most people give preference to face-to-face talks.

The UniSA study, which compared word-of-mouth discussions about entertainment with chatting about them online, found most prefer to exchange views in person or over the phone.

Deakin University communications and social media lecturer Ross Monaghan said the preference stretched beyond these topics, reports The Courier Mail.

"Online technology involves a lot of time shifting," he said.

"You can write someone a message, but if they're busy they can just come back to it later," the expert added.

UniSA's Ehrenberg-Bass Institute research associate Cathy Nguyen said the study, which surveyed 383 people, found 85 per cent preferred speaking to someone using "traditional" communication methods.