by Kathy Jones on  October 21, 2013 at 7:00 PM Lifestyle News
 Expert Reveals How to Save Your Relationship from Getting Stale
There are some signs you should be on the look out for to keep your relationship from sinking.

According to relationships psychologist Anne Hollonds, if you and your partner only talking about logistics or start to lose interest in sex and stop making an effort with your appearance, your relationship is almost on the verge of getting stale, reported.

A survey has revealed that women tend to wait an average four weeks before they'll go without make-up in front of a new lover.

Hollonds says that if you start to see these signs, you must work in order to not roll down the slippery slope and end up taking your partner for granted and gradually progress to treating them with outright contempt.

Criticism, emotional blocking or fighting comes more naturally to humans, and we often have little hope that a troubled relationship can be repaired but relationships are made up of lots of little moments in life and not just grand gestures, so you just have to read the signs and act upon it.

Source: ANI

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