Expert: Brain Training Improves Thinking and Wellbeing

by Rukmani Krishna on Apr 29 2013 11:46 PM

 Expert: Brain Training Improves Thinking and Wellbeing
An expert says that the brain benefits from training, which includes online games.
Games within the domains of thinking, emotion, feeling and self-regulation were found to have beneficial effects in improving measured scores, said Dr. Evian Gordon of Brain Resource.

Brain Resource is an organization that over a two and a half year period used a "naturalistic study design" to analyze data from an online brain-training program called MyBrainSolutions.

According to Dr. Gordon, the most significant benefits were found for games training positivity to improve scores within anxiety, stress and depression (feeling scores).

Training in self-regulation was found to be beneficial in terms of improved memory, attention, and executive function as well as a reduction in anxiety, stress, and depression levels.

"Results suggest a synergistic effect of cognitive and emotional training," concluded Gordon.

The research appeared in the latest issue of Technology and Innovation - Proceedings of the National Academy of Inventors.