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Elekta’s New Leksell Gamma Knife Icon for Brain Radiosurgery Receives European CE Marking
Elekta, a Swedish company that provides radiation therapy equipments, has received European CE marking for its new Leksell Gamma Knife Icon radiosurgery system. The licence is mandatory for certain products sold within the European Economic Area.

According to the developer, the device expands the applicability of radiosurgery by being able to target pretty much anything within the brain, irrespective of the size, location, or type of object. The device has the capability of performing very precise 'Microradiosurgery' and can be used with or without a frame head immobilizer.

The system uses stereotactic imaging to constantly monitor head position. The Adaptive DoseControl technology ensures the proper amount of radiation hits the target from every direction. The device monitors the patient in real time during treatment with 0.15 mm accuracy, six times better than the industry standard.

The company also says that the system can also perform multiple-session treatments. The feature will benefit a lot of patients who have trouble spending long periods under the Gamma Knife.

Every detail of Leksell Gamma Knife Icon was designed with the patient in mind and the providers who treat them. If the patient moves outside of the pre-set limit, the system's gating functionality instantly blocks the radiation.

"Owning Leksell Gamma Knife brings fundamental value to the clinic beyond the technical solution. The experience from almost a million patients is embedded in the solution, and the industry-leading installation, service, training and support structure from Elekta are available for you to utilize the equipment to its fullest," the company writes on their product launch webpage.

The company added that each Gamma Knife user will get membership to the prestigious Leksell Gamma Knife Society, an esteemed international network of scientific minds, designed for sharing clinical experience, scientific research and treatment knowledge.

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