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Focus On Getting the Job Done, Do Not Calculate Number of Hours You Work: Modi
Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with students at Education City in Jawanga in Chattisgarh, India said that one should not dream of 'becoming' doctors or engineers but rather dream of working as doctors or engineers.

"Do any of you have dreams to become successful in sports? Or, do each one of you want to study and become babus? Don't dream of 'becoming' doctors or engineers. Dream of working as doctors or engineers," Prime Minister Modi said.

A student asked, "You work for 18-hours a day. If you get stressed what do you do? I never calculate how many hours I work, because the moment one does that, it is not so enjoyable. One has to remain focused on work, and only after it is done, can we feel relaxed. One can never get tired while working. What tires a person is not being able to work. The more one works, its better. When we live for our own people, one cannot get tired. The people of India are my own. Won't I feel happy to work for them?"

Prime Minister Modi also said that one needs to learn from failures. "We need to learn from failures. Only then, does success become possible. My life has been this way. I keep coming across success and failure," the Prime Minister said. "I keep learning from my failures and never give up on my attempts to succeed. I don't think life should be judged through the prism of success or failure. When we do that, disappointment sets in. Failure is the natural consequence of trying. It means delay and not defeat," he added.

Source: Medindia

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