by Iswarya on  August 5, 2019 at 2:25 PM Tropical Disease News
DR Congo Tests Twelve More Patients for Ebola
Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) tested twelve more patients for Ebola in Goma district. This comes a few days after three patients of the same family were tested positive for the disease.

Goma, the capital of North Kivu province, which has borne the brunt of the one-year epidemic claimed over 1,800 lives.

Empowering Better Health

Other regions of the country fear the virus as it could spread from DRC to their territories.

Mozambique nation set up several disease checkpoints along its border with Malawi as a precaution, and officials briefly shut Rwanda border with DRC.

Ebola virus symptoms include fever, vomiting, and severe diarrhea, often followed by kidney and liver failure, internal and external bleeding.

There is no proper cure for Ebola, although an unlicensed but tested vaccine has been widely used to help protect frontline workers.

Source: Medindia

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