Donate 100 Pounds a Year from Each Household and Save the Earth!

Donate 100 Pounds a Year from Each Household and Save the Earth!
Eighteen British business leaders have said that it will take just 100 pounds a year from each household to counter the negative impact of climate change by 2030.
Part of a taskforce comprising the UK's biggest companies, these leaders have signed a series of pledges, including the promise to develop products and services to help households halve their carbon emissions by 2020.

The CBI's report - Climate Change: Everyone's Business - said that British businesses would "do what it takes" to reduce carbon emissions and help the environment, in partnership with consumers and government.

Controversially, however, the CBI report says nuclear power has to be part of the national energy mix in Britain, and called on the government to give the green light to new nuclear power stations by the end of this year.

According to The Times, environmental campaigners have welcomed the call to action, but said industry needed to become more open to the idea of green taxes and reducing demands for new roads.

The CBI's report conceded that a draft target of cutting carbon emissions by between 26 and 32 per cent by 2020 was likely to be missed. But it said that goals for 2050 could be achieved.

The UK government has pledged to cut emissions by 60 per cent from 1990 levels by this time, while in Scotland the target is 80 per cent.

Members of the CBI taskforce include British Airways, Ford, Tesco, Barclays and BP.

The action plan includes the following:

· Developing new products and services to empower UK households to cut their carbon emissions.
· Working in partnership with employees to achieve major cuts in emissions at home and work, starting with action to save an extra one millions tonnes of emissions within three years.
· Transparently reporting each company's carbon footprint.


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