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Do Not Ignore Your Kid's Headache Symptoms: Here's Why
Headache is a common clinical ailment that is prevalent in all age groups. Even kids and teenagers are not spared from its affliction. Approximately 75 percent of kids of school-going age may experience a headache occasionally, and among them, 10 percent suffer from regular and chronic conditions.

Headaches are of two kinds: primary headache disorder, such as tension-type headache, migraine, chronic daily headache, paroxysmal hemicranias, cluster headache, for which there is no contributing etiology and the pain is caused due to specific intrinsic processes; and secondary headache disorder, that is, one which arises as a symptom of another ailment.

About 58.4 percent of school-going kids are the victims of different types of primary headache disorder. Common reasons for headaches include performance pressure, peer pressure, and reduced extracurricular activities.

Primary headaches can be diagnosed by a meticulous and careful study of the medical history and physical examination. Once the diagnosis is established, an individually tailored treatment strategy such as preventive treatment, abortive pain treatment, and bio-behavioral therapy can be determined for a comprehensive treatment strategy.

Often about of headache is dismissed without seeking medical intervention. Adolescents and even parents these days tend to pop paracetamols and analgesics rather than visiting a doctor. This may be harmful since it leads to the development of medication-overuse headache, which is resistant to most of the available treatments.

A head-massage, cold compress, or good sleep can bring some relief in case of non-chronic headaches. A balanced diet and outdoor activities are recommended. It is essential to pay attention to your child's complaint and seek a medical practitioner's advice.

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