Use the Free NODA App to Diagnose Autism; Send Videos of Your Kids' Behavior to Doctors

by Julia Samuel on Apr 7 2015 4:07 PM

Use the Free NODA App to Diagnose Autism; Send Videos of Your Kids
Autism in children can now be diagnosed using an app by Behaviour imaging, Idaho. Parents can use the app to diagnose if their child has autism. Videos of their young children playing and interacting with others can be sent to doctors through the app. //
Company founder Ron Oberleitner, the father of an autistic son, says the NODA app is free and can provide a diagnosis in just a few weeks.

"Not only are you waiting six months, but then you have to make that two hour drive coming in. It’s tough to travel with our kids," said Allison Walters, President of the Autism Society Treasure Valley and mother of an autistic child.

The process is very simple. Download ’NODA Capture’ through the Apple app store. Click one of four scenarios - family meal time, play with others, play alone or parent concerns. After taking a ten minute video in each category, it is sent to clinicians.

"The experts who will look at that data and analyze it will be able to open up the video, analyze a-typical behavior and then issue a report back to the family and the pediatrician," Oberleitner said.

Few parents feel that the video may be insufficient to provide all the necessary data as girls exhibit fewer symptoms when compared to boys.