Delhiites at Highest Risk of Heart Disease in India

by Shirley Johanna on Sep 29 2017 8:29 PM

Delhiites at Highest Risk of Heart Disease in India
Delhi has the highest heart-related risks due to the high consumption of fat. In India, cardiovascular disease (CVD)is the leading cause of death and there is a strong correlation between consumption of saturated fat and CVD.
Data collected by HealthifyMe, health and fitness app, indicates that among all the top metros in the country, Delhiites are at the highest risk for heart disease.

HealthifyMe collated data across 150 million+ foods, exercise and hydration patterns of Indians and found that Delhi has the highest percentage energy contribution of fat (approx. 30%). The other top cities in this analysis include Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Pune. The high consumption of fat in Delhi indicates that Delhiites are at greater risk of heart disease and hypertension. The most popular but unhealthy, fat-heavy breakfast food items in Delhi are paranthas, poha, and puris eaten with aloo subzi.

Dairy in the form of cow's milk and curd is also usually had during breakfast which is healthy but adds to the meal's overall fat content. Evenings snacks are the fattiest meal of the day in the capital. Fried and fatty foods like samosas, vada pavs, paani puri, chips, rusk, and biscuits are some commonly eaten unhealthy snacks consumed by Delhiites. With growing mental stress, unhealthy diet and lack of exercise, India is marching to become the global heart disease capital.

This World Heart Day, HealthifyMe has launched the 'Live For Your Heart' initiative to help people take small steps towards a healthier heart. The initiative features a free Heart Risk Assessment in the app that will give everyone a 'Healthy Heart Score'. We have also introduced a 'Healthy Heart Plan' with access to a senior nutritionist and trainer to counter heart risk with structured diet and fitness routines along with access to beta features such as micro-nutrient tracking.

Speaking on fat consumption patterns, Nutritionist Ritika Samaddar says, "25-30% of the total calories should come from fat. But taking the right quality is very important to prevent cardiovascular diseases. Take fats high on MUFA like canola oil which are heart friendly and also help prevent onset of other lifestyle diseases like obesity, diabetes."

About 24.8% of all deaths in India can be attributed to CVD, and sedentary lifestyles coupled with high intake of unhealthy fats are the key factors behind this alarming statistic. Each year, World Heart Day is celebrated on September 29 to promote heart health.


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