by Kathy Jones on  June 26, 2010 at 6:06 PM Women Health News
 Debilitating Morning Sickness Forces Would-be Mum to Abort Baby
44-year-old Cheryl Harrison has revealed that she was forced to abort her baby as she could not deal with debilitating bouts of morning sickness.

The British woman said that her morning sickness, called hyperemesis gravidarum by doctors, caused her to vomit up to 27 times a day. The Sun newspaper reports that Cheryl and her husband James Harrison finally decided to terminate the pregnancy at 16 weeks.

The couple already has a child named Scarlett and had decided to try for another baby in 2008, but Cheryl's morning sickness meant that they felt abortion was a safer option.

"It was the most horrendous decision I have ever made," Mrs Harrison was quoted as saying. "James could see how much I was suffering and never opposed the idea of a termination. But he still thinks of the family we might have had."

Mrs Harrison feels that women should receive counseling to cope with such conditions.

Source: Medindia

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