Day Out Proposal for Brit Paedophiles and Rapists Enrages People

by Rajashri on Sep 12 2008 3:20 PM

The decision by police and probation officers to send convicted paedophiles and rapists on frequent trips to the cinema and art galleries has enraged people in Britain.

The move was proposed in order to help offenders, including dangerous child abusers, rehabilitate and rejoin society.

The plans, if implemented would cost 12,000 pounds on the taxpayers' pocket for every pervert signed up for the "ridiculous jolly outings".

The offenders will also be allocated "friends" as part of their trips including meals out and afternoons at the pictures.

When released, the high-risk convicts will be assigned a circle of "friends" who may help them with necessary guidance to not repeat their crimes.

But Michele Elliott, of child protection charity Kidscape, was against the allocation of public money for prisoner's outings.

"If we're paying for these outings, that's ridiculous. Sex offenders are manipulative and cunning. I worry well-intentioned friends supporting them could be duped," the Daily star quoted her, as saying.

A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police, which is to pilot the scheme, said: "Our chief aims are to protect the public and prevent re-offending."